Eternal Flame
Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame

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aka Calathea Crocata

Height: 35cm
Nursery Pot: 14cm
Pot in picture: 
Old Gold 14x16cm (sold separately)

Light: This exotic lady loves warmth and humidity, so find her a spot where the temperature won’t change much. A bright spot with indirect sunlight is best.

Water: Rainwater is always best to use with houseplants - or filtered water if you can. She’ll enjoy to be continuously moist (not soggy) in the summer, and then ease off a little during winter. She can get homesick, so remind her of her native home and mist her regularly.

Height: Her flowers typically last 2-3 months. Cut them back at the stem when its time. She’ll bloom again with the right TLC. Feed once a month during the spring/summer with organic plant fertiliser for optimum health.

PM tip: She’ll let you know when its time for bed, as her leaves curl up and night and reopen in the morning. She’s also a non-toxic houseplant.