Dumb Cane
Dumb Cane

Dumb Cane

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aka Dieffenbachia Compacta

Nursery pot: 17cm
Pot in Picture:  Blue Pot 19cm (sold separately)

Light: This dude, native to Mexico, the West Indies and Argentina, is happiest in a bright spot with indirect sunlight. Be sure to keep an eye out for dust on his gorgeous leaves, and give them a gentle wipe when needed, as this will allow him to absorb more light.

Water: Stick a finger in his soil weekly and if it comes out dry, then it's time for a drink. Remember to reduce your watering by half in the Winter.

PM tip: He likes high humidity, so mist him regularly. Or group him together with your other humidity-loving plants. 

Height: He can grow up to an impressive 5ft tall with the right amount of love and affection! Try to rotate his pot once a month for even growth. You can fertilise once a month during spring and summer. 

Toxicity: As with many houseplants, his leaves can be toxic if ingested. Sap can burn the mouth and throat causing numbness and possible paralysis of the vocal cords. Please handle with care. 

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