Desert Candle Cactus

Desert Candle Cactus

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aka Euphorbia Acrurensis

Height: 85cm
Nursery pot: 24cm
Pot in picture: Mud Potty 27cm (sold separately)


Light: This exotic fella will like a bright sunny spot in your home. 

Water: Water well and then don't water again until his soil is completely dry. 

Height: He gets his name, as he tends to grow like a chandelier. He can reach heights of 5ft with the right TLC. Rotate his pot regularly for even, straight growth.

Aim to re-pot every 2-3 years with cactus potting soil mixed with a lot of sand and/or gravel for extra drainage.

PM tip: His sap is considered to be very toxic if ingested. So if you happen to get any sap on your hands when handling him, wash immediately.