Curly Locks Orchid Cactus

Curly Locks Orchid Cactus

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aka Epiphyllum Guatemalense

Height: 35cm
Nursery Pot:

Another exotic but easy to care for houseplant, he'll look fabulous trailing from your shelf or ceiling. 

Light: His curly locks are happiest in a bright room where he can catch a few hours of direct sun. 

Water: He has exceptional tolerance for neglect, which makes him great for new plant parents (or forgetful ones!) His thick leaves will store water, so on average, aim to water her once her soil has almost dried out. Always check his soil with your finger before re-watering. If it's moist, hold off. 

PM tip: Don't be tempted to re-pot too soon, this fella likes to be snug. When it's time to re-pot, use fast draining and well-aerated cactus potting mix. Feed him once a month during the spring and summer with organic plant food. 

Another useful tip, when you re-pot your plants, you shouldn't feed them for 6-8 weeks as there will be fresh nutrients in the soil. 

As with many houseplants, he can be mildly toxic if ingested.