Crassula Tailsman

Crassula Tailsman

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This little guy is a nursery-produced hybrid, so he doesn't exist in nature! His parents are Crassula Elegans and Crassula Falcata! 

Nursery Pot: 12cm
Pot in picture: Grid Potty 13.5X12cm (sold separately)

Light: his fleshy leaves are bright green with tinges of red. He's happiest in a sunny spot with bright light. 

Water: He's a succulent, which means he needs very little watering as he stores water in his fleshy leaves. Best to giver him a little drink once his soil has dried out completely. We prefer to water him from the bottom! 

To water plants from the bottom, this simply means popping your plant in their nursery pot into a shallow bowl of water and letting them absorb the water for 10 mins or so. Always let them drain of before returning to their decorative pots. 

PM tip: Feed once in spring, and once in summer with organic plant food.

As like many houseplants, he can be mildly toxic if ingested.