Coir Block
Coir Block

Coir Block

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Your plants deserve a good home, so give them the perfect soil to grow in with Coir....

Coir is made from coconuts (the thick fibrous middle layer between the shell and the fruit) and is an eco-alternative to peat compost.

It allows for great air circulation due to its porosity as well as improving moisture retention to promote strong and healthy roots. Because the Coir blocks are 100% coconut husk, they have no artificial fertiliser, so when planted you will need to add some organic plant food.

1L Coir Block
Expands to make 1 litre of soil when you add 400ml of water to hydrate it. 

9L Coir Block
Expands to make 9 litres of soil when you add 4 litres of water to hydrate it. 

They are compact and easy to store until you're ready to use them. Once water is added, leave to absorb for 30 minds before breaking up. Add more water if there are any dry clumps. 

Make sure you use a large enough bucket, otherwise you're in for a dirty surprise!