Christmas Cactus
Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

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aka Schlumbergera

Pot in Picture:
Concrete Potty 14x12cm (sold separately)

Light: This guy erupts brightly coloured flowers just in time for the holidays (hence the name!) and we think he’s pretty fabulous. Find him a spot near a bright sunny window during the winter, and then a semi-shade spot during summer.

Water: Not a big drinker, water him to keep his soil just barely moist, trying to never let him dry out completely. Unlike most cacti, this guys likes humidity, so give him a good mist every few days. He needs very little water from Jan - April. 

Height: They can grow up to 3ft long if given the right TLC. aim to re-pot once a year in a nursery pot 2cm bigger than its existing one. A monthly feed in spring and summer will help it grow more flowers for winter.

PM tip: Be sure to keep away from any radiators - he prefers cooler temperatures. He’s also a non-toxic houseplant.