China Doll Plant
China Doll Plant

China Doll Plant

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aka Radermachera Sinica Mangrove

Height: 30cm
Nursery Pot: 12cm
Pot in Photo: Shimmery Pot 14x16cm (sold separately)

We dig the China Doll Plant because of her resemblance to a tree (and you all know how much we love tree's!) 

Light: Happy in a bright spot with a few hours of sunlight. Rotate her pot every once in a while for even growth.

Water: She likes evenly moist (not soggy!) soil during S/S. Ease off a little bit in A/W. 

Height: She enjoys being somewhat root bound, so do not be tempted to pot-up too soon. When the time comes to re-pot, make sure you use well-drained soil to avoid her becoming waterlogged. 

PM tip: She will not tolerate drafts, so make sure that wherever you put your China doll, it remains free from drafts and wind. 

Another important tip is that she doesn't like change. This could be a change in water, temp, light etc. She might lose a few leaves in protest. 

She's a non-toxic, pet-friendly houseplant.