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aka Curio Ficoides

Pot: 15cm
Height: 35cm
Pot in picture: Ebbi Moss 17cm
(sold separately)

Light: Another easy to care for plant to add to your portfoliage. This dude worships sun, so find him a sunny spot in your home and then sit back and relax. If he's not getting enough sun, he'll become quite lanky and leggy.

Water: Water thoroughly, and then let his soil dry out almost completely before re-watering. During winter, only water him a little to prevent wilting.

Height: He's slow to grow, so be patient. But eventually, his fleshy foliage can reach up to 50-60cm high and 20cm wide when grown indoors.

PM tip: As like many indoor plants, he can be toxic if ingested, so be mindful of curious pets and kids.