Cast Iron Plant
Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant

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aka Aspidistra Elatior

Height: 30cm
Nursery Pot: 12cm
Pot in Picture:
 Crackle Potty 20x17cm (sold separately)

Light: This super plant has earned its reputation as a nearly indestructible houseplant! He can tolerate most light conditions apart from direct sunlight. 

Water: He’s very tolerant of irregular watering, so great for forgetful plant parents. Though he likes to be watered when 50% of his soil is dry. He's partial to the odd squirt here and then with a mister to keep him looking fresh. 

Height: He can grow up to 2–3 ft. tall, 1–2 ft. wide when mature. He's known to live for 50 years of age and beyond so it could take a while...

PM tip: He's probably the most relaxed houseplant on the market and can tolerate most conditions and a fair bit of neglect. He's also a non-toxic houseplant, WINNING. 

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