Calla Lily
Calla Lily

Calla Lily

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aka Zantedeschia 'Captain Solo'

Nursery pot: 10cm
Height: 25cm
Pot in picture: Medan Pot 11.5cm (sold separately) 

Light: We can't quite get enough of her bright yellow, trumpet-like flowers! She likes to bask in anything from full sun to partial shade — bright, indirect light being ideal.

Water: Stick a finger in her soil once a week. If it comes out dry, its time for a drink. Be sure to never let her soil completely dry out, she won't like it!

Reduce in winter when she's dormant. 

Height: She can reach heights of 50cm. When she's flowering, apply some plant food once a month. 

PM tip: She can be toxic if ingested, so be mindful of curious kids and pets.