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Calico Hearts

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aka Adromischus Maculatus

Height: 15cm
Pot in Picture: Terra Pot 12x11cm (sold separately)

Light: We're very fond of this little succulent for her unique colour and patterns. She'll be happy in a bright spot with a few hours of sunlight. Rotate her pot every once in a while for even growth.

Water: Give her a drink when her soil has dried out. Don't let her sit in water, she'll hate you for it!

Height: She's a low growing succulent that can reach heights of 30cm after many many years. 

PM tip: When the time comes to re-pot her, she will need well-draining potting soil that is suitable for cacti and succulents.

She's known to be used as a medicinal plant by the people of South Africa, however, it may be toxic to humans and animals if eaten.