Calathea Leopardina
Calathea Leopardina

Calathea Leopardina

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Height: 40cm
Nursery Pot: 12cm
Pot in picture: Rozay Pot 13cm  (sold separately)

Instant jungle vibe with her gorgeous foliage! She comes from the tropical rainforests of South America.

Light: She likes a bright and warm home. Too much direct sun will scorch her leaves, so keep an eye. 

Water: Little and often is key for this beauty. Check on her weekly and if the top few inches feel dry to the touch, then it's time for a little drink. Less water is needed during winter months. Regular misting is a must as she thrives on humidty. 

Height: She can grow up to 60cm with the right TLC.

PM tip: Watering is crucial for a happy Calathea, with root rot being the main issue. Under-watering symptoms include crispy or distorted new growth and curled leaves. Over-watering symptoms include rapidly yellowing leaves, leaf spot disease, and stem collapse. 

As like most houseplants, they prefer rain or filtered water. Alternatively cooled boiled water. Or water tap water that has been left exposed for 24-72 hours. Our tap water contains chemicals that they do not like. 

She is a non-toxic pet-friendly houseplant.