Blue Torch Cactus
Blue Torch Cactus

Blue Torch Cactus

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aka Pilosocereus Azureus

Height: 30cm
Nursery pot: 13cm
Pot in picture: The John Pot 16x14cm (sold separately)

Light: This exotic blue fella is native to Brazil! He will like a bright sunny spot in your home. The more sun the more blue the stem.

Water: Water well and then don't water again until his soil is completely dry. 

Height: He is a tall pillar cactus that can reach anything between 6–12 feet tall depending on the conditions it’s grown in. In our climate, most likely 6ft, but you never know! 

Rotate his pot regularly for even, straight growth.

Aim to re-pot every 2-3 years with cactus potting soil mixed with a lot of sand and/or gravel for extra drainage.

PM tip: He's considered non-toxic however the spines are dangerous and should be kept out of reach of pets and children!