Blue Myrtle-Cactus

Blue Myrtle-Cactus

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aka Myrtillocactus Geometrizans

Height: 25cm
Nursery pot: 13cm
Pot in picture: Padum Pot 16cm (sold separately)

We are huge fans of cacti here at Potty Mouth. Quite possibly becoming a new obsession. But why the hell not? They don't take themselves too seriously, they offer astonishing textures (c'mon, fur?!) They have the weirdest and most wonderful, sculptural and geometric forms, and many of them burst into flower rather unexpectedly if they are happy. 

Light: We love this cactus for his blue-grey colour! He will like a bright sunny spot in your home. 

Water: Hailing from central and northern Mexico, he's a desert cactus, which requires little watering. Water well and then don't water again until his soil is completely dry. In winter months, once a month should be enough. 

Height: He's a 

columnar candelabra like cactus that creates a dense growth of stems. He is considered to be a fast-growing cactus, known to reach heights of up to 90cm in 3 or so years. Be sure to rotate his pot regularly for even, straight growth.

Aim to re-pot every 2 years with cactus potting soil mixed with a lot of sand and/or gravel for extra drainage.

PM tip: He's considered non-toxic however the spines are sharp and should probably be kept out of reach of pets and children!

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