Bengal Fig
Bengal Fig

Bengal Fig

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aka Ficus Benghalensis Audrey

Nursery pot:
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Padum Pot 16x14cm (sold separately)

This fella has large, thick, oval-shaped, leathery leaves with pale pink-green veins! In his natural tropical habitat (India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan) Bengal Figs can grow to over 30m tall with a spread of 200m and are some of the largest canopy trees in the world!! But don't panic, he won't grow that big on our climate/environment... phew! 

He's happiest in a sunny room away from direct sunlight. He can be shy and can take a while to adjust to a new environment, so be patient. Find him a home and leave him there.

Water: Allow his soil to almost dry out before watering, and then saturate. Be sure to not leave him sitting in water by letting him drain off before returning to his decorative pot. 

Yellowing leaves are a sign of improper watering or overwatering, so keep an eye on this. 

Food: Feed once a month during spring and summer with organic plant food. 

PM tip: As he matures, he can develop beautiful aerial roots that will become part of his trunk over time if left to grow! Rotate his pot periodically for even growth. 

He's considered poisonous due to the latex in the sap, so keep away from hungry pets and kids.

Propagation: The most popular method is water propagation via stem cuttings. 

For every item sold online and in-store, we plant a tree via Tree-Nation. Find out more here