Banana Plant

Banana Plant

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aka Musa Tropicana

Height: 40cm
Nursery pot:
Pot in picture: Curry Pot 19x17cm (sold separately)


Banana plants are fun foliage plants - this one in particular, is a dwarf, compact variety that is well suited to be grown indoors.

Light: He's ideal for sun-rooms, conservatories, and garden rooms, as he loves lots of good light.

Water: He's a thirsty plant, so check him about once a week and water him if the top two inches of soil feel dry. In winter, reduce your watering by half. He also enjoys a good mist on his leaves every now and then. 

Height: He can reach heights of 1-2 meters. Aim to re-pot once every 2 years in a slightly larger container with fresh soil. Feed him during spring and summer with organic plant food to keep him healthy. 

PM tip: His leaves are fragile and can mark or tear easily (they can often sometimes snap under their own weight!) This is considered part of their charm and new leaves tend to generate pretty quickly.

He is also non-toxic and pet-friendly!