Baby Tears
Baby Tears

Baby Tears

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aka Pilea Depressa

Nursery pot:
Pot in Picture: Cosmic Pot 12x10cm (sold separately)

Light: We adore this little creeping plant for its cute dainty leaves. Find him a home with bright indirect light and watch him thrive. If you don’t have enough natural light in your home, no worries! Grow lights are a real lifesaver.

Water: He likes to be a little moist (not soggy) in S/S so check on him weekly. In A/W, let his soil almost dry out before rewatering. 

Height: Feed once a month during S/S with organic plant food. He doesn’t particularly like to be rootbound, so you might have to repot every year or two with houseplant potting mix.

This plant is perfect for growing in terrariums due to its slow growth, love of humidity, and tiny foliage. 

PM tip: Be sure to rotate his pot every once and a while for even growth. And avoid putting him near any cold or hot draughts. 

Propagation: Super straightforward via stem cutting

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