Arrowhead Vine
Arrowhead Vine

Arrowhead Vine

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aka Syngonium podophyllum ‘Pixie’

Nursery Pot: 12cm
Height: 20cm
Pot in Picture: Basic Red Potty (sold separately) 

Light: This is a tough little guy who needs little attention to thrive. He likes bright light but no harsh direct sunlight, please!

Water: Keep his soil evenly moist (not soggy!) so check on him weekly. Water him less in winter. 

Height: He's a pixie Syngonium and won't grow much bigger than 40cm. 

Food: Fertilise him once a month throughout the year - his dormant period is very short. 

PM tip: If he starts to get crisps edges, you need to up the humidity and give him a good squirt with a fine mister. 

As like many houseplants, he can be mildly toxic, so please don't eat him.