Areca Palm Mini

Areca Palm Mini

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aka Dypsis Lutescens

Height: 20cm
Nursery pot: 11cm
Pot in picture: Iron Stone Grey 13x13cm (sold separately)

Light: Pop him in the corner of a bright sunny room where the sun won't scorch his leaves. Nobody wants burnt bits ;)

Water: Check him about once a week and water him if the top few inches of soil feels dry. In winter, reduce your watering by half. He also enjoys a good mist on his leaves every now and then.

Height: He's a slow-grower but can grow up to an impressive 6ft. Aim to re-pot once every 2 years in a slightly larger container with fresh soil. Feed him during spring and summer with organic plant food to keep him healthy. 

PM tip: One of the best houseplants for removing air pollutants so a great addition to your living room.

Toxicity: He is non-toxic and pet friendly!

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