Ant Plant
Ant Plant

Ant Plant

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aka Hydnophytum Papuanum

Nursery Pot: 12cm 
Height: 30cm 
Pot in picture: Terra Pot 14x13cm (sold separately) 

We love this plant for its chunky trunk and interesting story! In his native home in SouthEast Asia and his trunk is full of small winding tunnels which make perfect homes for, well, ants.

*Relax, these plants will not attract ants when kept as a houseplant! The little winding corridors are empty ;) 

He likes bright indirect light or partial shade. He's not a big fan of direct sun as this will scorch his leaves. 

Water: He’s used to a very moist environment, so mist him regularly. He prefers his soil to be on the dryer side so don't be tempted to overwater him. 

Height: Feed once in spring and again in summer with house plant food

PM tip: He can be mildly toxic if ingested so be mindful of curious kids and pets.