Angel Wing Begonia
Angel Wing Begonia

Angel Wing Begonia

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aka Begonia ‘Corallina Roze'

Nursery Pot:
Pot in photo:
 Elho Vibes Fold 22x20cm (sold separately) 


She has spectacular foliage and is surprisingly easy to care for. She'd love to sit in a bright sunny room with some early morning or late afternoon sun. If you get this right she can surprise you with white-pink blooms! 

Water: Stick a finger in her soil once a week and if it comes out dry then it's time for a drink. Try not to let her soil dry out completely during spring and summer especially. 

Height: She can almost grow up to 3ft tall, though she'll likely need a bit of help and support to get there. Feed here every few weeks during spring and summer with organic plant food

PM tip: Keep away from radiators or air-con units as she likes warmth and humidity. 

Propagation: Via leaf cuttings and division. 

Her roots can be mildly toxic if ingested, so handle with care.

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